Donor Stories

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The saying that each person’s story is unique is true as well in the tales of our donors and what drove them, or guided them, to commit to the Foundation. We are deeply grateful for their loving service and dedication to sharing Mile Hi’s teachings with their circle and the world.

Find out more through their stories below:


Kent & Kathleen Rautenstraus

Beloved Mile Hi Church Music Director Emeritus and Growth and Development Coordinator, Kent Rautenstraus, discovered in 1981 that the Universe was intent on ensuring that he followed his musical heart instead of his analytical mind.

Leslie & Erik Lassi

It comes as no surprise that younger people typically don’t have estate planning, wills, and legacy gifts on their minds.

Steve & Terri Kindsfather

This couple is a true treasure to Mile Hi Church. As an onlooker, the two enjoy life to the fullest by living large.

Linda McDonald and Ron Benson

Sunday mornings at Mile Hi Church are definitely infused with the infectious optimism and hope of two long-time icons at the church: Linda McDonald and Ron Benson.